Listed below are the new salon policies. We are mandated to operate under very strict protocols implemented to protect both you and myself. No exceptions!

Every client must wear a mask. The mask must have ear loops, not the masks that are worn around your head. If you do not have the proper mask, complimentary 100% cotton disposable single layer cloth face covers will be available for all clients. They are meant to be thrown away after your appointment.

All non essential bags (i.e. purses, backpacks, bags, etc.) are prohibited. An exception will be made for those clients transporting hair extensions in reasonable packaging. You may only bring your phone, keys and form of payment.

Please arrive to your appointment 5-10 minutes early. You must wait in your vehicle. Once you park, text the salon number (832-534-2470) to inform me that you have arrived. You may not enter the building until I let you know that I am ready for you. If for some reason, I don’t respond please call the salon number. The late policy is still enforced, so please arrive early to allow for these extra protocols.